What’s in the box?

Included are 4 types of Scotch whisky for you to taste and identify. An instruction book with pull out scoring cards and a pen are provided. Also included is a USB with a video giving information about the challenge, and in particular about the smells, tastes, colours and aromas of the different whisky types. A specially designed bar mat or runner is provided highlighting the different types of whiskies you will taste – the runner also identifies the different whisky producing regions in Scotland. A sealed envelope contains the correct answers. Finally lapel buttons and a whisky hip flask are included as mementos or prizes for completing the challenge.

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How the challenge works

The Scotch Whisky Tasting Challenge is easy to use. Simply open the bottles, pour the whisky, then nose (smell it) sip and savour and after a while make a note of your guess as to the type of Scotch whisky you have tasted. When your choice is made, open the answers envelope and see how well you have done. Its informative to play with friends and colleagues and fun to compare how well you all do against each other.